Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lack of Inspiration

I haven't been on here for a while as I found having no camera means that I can't capture my inspirational moments and write about them. I should be able to write without photos, but I can't. Here's a bit of what I've been up to or am planning to get up to.


Some landscaping of a small area around our sandpit for the kids. This sandpit (which I would show you if I had a camera - argh!) has a wooden lid on it which Ella just loves to stand on and watch herself in the glass windows. She dances and sings and can while away many moments. Its so cute to watch, but don't get caught looking at her or you'll get two barrels! So now it doubles as a stage and a sandpit, two uses for the price of one.


Had an awesome day with my recession busters/ Right at home group. We did scrapbooking which I've never done before. I started a little keepsake photo album for Ella and Leo and I'm inspired to get moving and do more now.


Still baking bread, although it's been a wee bit erratic the past couple of weeks. So some store bought staples are helping to get us by.

Music Man is an avid peanut butter fan and I just realised recently that its really easy to make. Simply peanuts and a little oil. So that's my next project. Just need to work out how to store it and how long it will keep.


Still keeping up with family back home in Scotland and can't wait to see them all in Sept. Got some great news that my sister is expecting again. Not due until end Nov and I'm looking forward to it already. Mum finished her Chemo and has started on Radiotherapy and almost at the end of her short term treatment for BC; long term will be hormone therapy.


Tired, stressed only occasionally and watching the weeks pass so quickly at the moment. Honestly, I'm starting to think about Christmas already, but its mid-April for goodness sake! Where has the year gone.

We're lucky that the weather here is still quite Summery most days and i'm quite happy about that, long may it continue.

For now, its over and out. Don't know when I'll be back, maybe later, maybe tomorrow, but soon hopefully.

Happy days everyone!


  1. Lovely Stef, and I definitely think you should get Antz to part with some of his cash to guy you a new camera!!! Sending lots of love to you all xxxx

  2. awesome....i like the idea of home made peanut butter as we seem to go through it like water lol. let me know how you go adn send us a recipe when you get it me all the hard work hahahahaha xx clare

  3. How about finding some funny old photos or random photos and making uo stories about them... creative writing project :)


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