Monday, May 3, 2010

Hippety Hop....Shop 'til you DROP!

I'm preoccupied.

You see, for those that don't know i'm heading back home to Scotland for a visit with my family in September. For a month! The exclamation mark is there for a couple of reasons.

1. I am going to be free from my current home and daily grind for....a month!

2. I am going to be away from my cosy wee home here for....a month!

3. I am going to be back living with my wonderful parents and spending quality time with them for....a month!

4. I am going to be back living with my parents for....a month! (note to mum who's an avid reader - do not take offence, simply put yourself in the same situation with two small children and you'll get the point *mwah*. Humour Mum, humour - blame dad.)

5. I am going back to Scotland, the United Kingdom, and a Shopping Mecca......FOR A MONTH!(New Zealand is great, but you cannot compare the shopping unfortunately).

I am SO excited about all of these things, but I am super excited about shopping.

I think I may have even forgotten how to do it. I haven't done it well, um, gosh for such a long time. Shopping folks!

I've started making lists, mental lists of how much extra luggage will be required to bring my loot back.

Shoes, tops, jeans, boots, cardi's, trainers, underwear - OOOH! Marks and Spencer Lingerie Department, I've missed you so much! And Tesco for food shopping - oh, the variety. What am I going to do with myself, I think I may just be overwhelmed by it all.

Only 4 months and counting.


  1. the shopping is great in the UK.. the winter clothes are amazing...

    I used to love the Chicken and Leek pies from ..umm.. i think it was Marks and Sparks.. or was it Tesco.. ah who knows.. my memory is going

  2. What about Mum doing washings and ironings (for a month), Mum looking after me (for a month) Mum taking your side against Mr Music (for a month), kids running Gran ragged (for a month), wouldn't have it any other way!!!!

  3. Woowoo! I can so toatally agree with you on the NZ shopping scaore - it really isn't that great - and nowhere near as good as the UK. Next jeans, M&S undies, M&S Percy Pigs.... Will mentally be planning your shopping trip with you. How about we try and catch up when you are over? I could pop up for the weekend if it's ok? Love the return of the blog :-)

  4. Hey Mum, you know I love to press your buttons ;) Don't you worry, i'll be milking it for all its worth!! xxxx

  5. Alex, would be great to see you, we're up from 7th September and hoping to get a week away with the whanau. Also off to a wedding in Tetbury 24th to 26th Sept. Will be busy times, but maybe we can sort something out. :) Percy pigs, now you've got my mouth watering!!


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