Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today's achievements....A List

1. Get out of bed after 7am.

2. Make the kids Saturday morning pancakes in Hubby's absence (he's in Australia with work until tomorrow morning).

3. Get everyone dressed before 9am.

4. Look at the sewing machine on the dining table and decide to finish the bunting (flags) for Miss E's room.

5. Take photo of finished article (hanging with blu-tac) before it proceeds to fall down.

6. Make a note to get pins to hang bunting.

7. Get kids ready for a walk around to Poppa's place for coffee.

8. Ask Miss E 4 times to put on her shoes.....blood pressure elevates to boiling point....lose it like a crazy lady and shout VERY loudly to "just put your bloody shoes on will you!".

9. Realise bedroom window is open and cringe that all neighbours must have heard "that crazy scottish woman yelling at the top of her voice".

10. Take 10 mins time out then apologise to Miss E for shouting so loudly, before getting an apology from her for not listening.

11. Get both kids to Poppa's house for coffee and decide that a certain fast food restaurant is a good place to take the kids for lunch, that way they can act up all they like and I won't be tempted to kill them (sarcasm, people!).

12. Get home, lie on the couch and beg the kids not to disturb me for 20 mins.

13. Get disturbed by kids at least 10 times over course of next hour.

14. Make pizza dough for dinner later.

15. Visit a friend for a coffee (just lovely).

16. Get home and make pizza (see below). Yum!

17. Get into some comfy clothes post pizza.

18. Start blogging this whilst kids watching cartoons before bed.

All in all a successful kids are still alive, I haven't gone into labour and I haven't cried......



  1. lol your day sounded a lot like mine....but mine is sick in bed with man flu....sigh....

  2. Hey! I've been trying to remember where the Down to Earth blog link is... and you had it all the time. You have made me day. Good to have you back too, blog more >:-( that's a growly face.

  3. fantastic - you got it finished. congratulations.


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