Sunday, September 11, 2011

A crafty first

I've wanted to learn to quilt for such a long time.  However, I'm not one to have confidence in following instructions, even with pictures, so I have a friend "Martha" over at Plot to Plate who is hosting weekly lessons for myself and a few other friends.

It didn't start off well.  The first week was a chore with working out how to use the rotary cutter and mat on the fabric with confidence. Let's just say I got a little frustrated and relied on Martha to help. I realise now that a 6 month pregnant belly gets in the way a bit.  I also couldn't get my head around the maths or how important it was to be soooo accurate with the cutting and sewing part.  The quick unpick was used rather often.

I got there in the end.  We had a second lesson this week and I went off with a hiss and a roar and got lots of 9 patches done no trouble at all.

Here's what I've achieved so far.

These long strips here are all sewn together into a 12" block which there will be x6 of in the middle of the quilt.

These are the 9 patches, 6" wide which I will use to border the quilt with the triangles that we are making next week.

I decided to do a quilt for the new baby's cot. Even though we know it's a girl, I went more neutral so that this can go into her memory box for when she has her own children.

I've got this thing where I want to have a couple of things in there for each of the children to hand on to their own. Miss E's got a beuatiful hand knitted shawl (bought by her granny and knitted by a talented Aunt) and a hand knitted cardi by me. Master L was given a beautiful cot quilt by my lovely friend Martha and a little first size hand knitted cardi by me. This baby, who we are struggling to find a name for (all suggestions welcome!), will have this quilt and a hand knitted cardi. I love the thought that these may be used by generations to come.


  1. It's looking good already Steff,going to be lovely.I've been bitten by the quilting bug too,bought the equipment yesterday,regards,Aunty Marg (lol)

  2. Awesome Steff. You have been doing heaps of "homework". I am looking at your blog instead of getting ready for the next week lesson.


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