Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rain rain go away....or maybe don't...

It's been raining all night, and it's still raining now.  The garden needs it, and now it's getting milder you can see everything starting to grow. I'm quite looking forward to a nice Spring and better Summer.

I dropped the car off to the radiator guy this morning to have my A/c looked at as it's been acting up for, well, let's just say forever. I don't want to go through another Summer of not being cool in the car when driving. So I'm having a day at home, which is a good thing. Only just under 7 weeks of this third pregnancy to go.  The past few weeks i've been getting loads of braxton hicks when I do even the smallest things. Last the midwife checked the baby was fully engaged, so she's suggested that I take it as easy as I possibly can.

Take it easy? Doesn't she know me at all? Well, i'm trying.

A batch of bolognese to go into the freezer. Thought I should start stock piling those all important go-to meals for when baby arrives.

Do you like them? Bought myself some flowers on Sunday, I'm loving the colour.

Oh! Look what arrived today :) It's only taken us a few months to decide on what to get and how much to spend.

I made bread dough with this method yesterday, so popped a loaf in the oven to go with the bolognese we'll have for tea tonight.

I haven't spent all my time in the kitchen, I did sit down to try and finish this for baby. I'm getting there, just the sleeve, neck and then sew up to do. It's been slow progress, but when I put my mind to it, it gets done.

Master L been sleeping so well this week, it's funny how he's been so unsettled at night for almost 3 years and now suddenly is sleeping through...go figure :) Of course, I can't get comfy at night and am up regularly to go to the loo (sorry if tmi), so i'm still tired.

*yawn* think i'll go have my nana nap now....zzzz

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  1. Lovely to find your blog and it sounds as if a sweet cherub is coming to your home soon. Glad that you are resting up and hope all goes well for you. N x


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