Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finishing streak

I've been absent for a few weeks as I've been nesting (3 weeks to go yesterday) and on a finishing crafty streak...that and just plain tired too.

I've been getting the kids wardrobes organised for the warmer weather. Ella needed more t-shirts and I've been keen to applique something for quite a while, so asked her what she'd like on her new plain t-shirts. Butterfly....no problem...and her name on the other. Took a bit longer, but got there in the end. No photo of the name I'm afraid.


This t-shirt isn't quite finished as i've still to stitch around it, i'll get there this week.

Knitting the cardi for baby. First size, again got excited and took pictures before completely finished as no buttons, but you get the gist, right? The bamboo was nice to knit with but it's really very stretchy, so knitting up the neck and piecing arms on was a bit tricky. Thank goodness I'm not a perfectionist.

And last but not least, my cot quilt for baby. Can you see the theme....again, not finished but almost. Just the binding to do and my lovely friend and teacher over at Plot to Plate will be taking us for our final lesson on this next Tuesday.  I got very sick of looking at this for a while, but now I'm just excited that I've nearly finished it and that I like it! I'll use the aqua blue spots material to do the binding.

So really, now apart from fitting in afternoon snoozes and getting organised, we're just waiting for this baby girl to pop out. Nameless as we've not agreed on a name yet. All suggestions are being welcomed and considered.

So I may be back with completely finished photographs before I'm posting pictures of our new baby, meantime....here's a pic of the bump as it stands today.


  1. The quilt looks fantastic!!! The squiggly lines really suit the quilt. Love it

  2. You're doing great, both in yourself and your crafting. Love the quilt. x

  3. I found your blog through your comment on The Pioneer Woman website. I love your crafts, especially the hand knit little cardi. I keep planning to pick up my knitting needles again someday. I used to be a dedicated knitter, but after having four kids I put my needles down.


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