Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some long overdue organising...

I'm back. Life with three kids so hectic that you think you haven't blogged for two weeks and realise it's almost two months!

I've been inspired by this blog Raising Colorado to get my a into g and sort out those little areas of the house that piss me off on a daily basis, but never get around to blowing up sorting out.

I'm not saying I'll blog on a daily basis and this might be very boring stuff for you mum those who read this blog. But I am commited to starting something that I can be proud of.

Here's a list of the few areas that currently annoy me and need some attention;

  • My walk in wardrobe - between seasons, messy, almost embarrasing; but I'll show you and I'll get it sorted out.
  • My freezer - Would. Gross. You. Out.
  • Numerous drawers around the house.
  • Kitchen areas - namely the plastics drawer. More like a Tupper-night-mare-ware
  • Master Leo's Wardrobe
  • Miss Cora's Wardrobe
  • Too many to mention corners of the house that have dust accumulating.
  • My washing machine drawer for powder. Seriously, I don't think I'll even show you a before photo.

So you get my gist?

I'll do a before photo, if I'm brave enough and the after.

I know these little jobs won't take very long. But I think when the sum of the parts is HUGE then the jobs appear insurmountable.

I'll be back tomorrow. I think i'll start with my wardrobe. Yuck Yay!

p.s. If you look up procrastination in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of me.


  1. i am looking forward to seeing it. Might inspire me to do something!!!

  2. If it makes you feel any better we all have those 'corners' but boy does it feel good when it's sorted! I just bought a box with a lid for all the chargers that were driving me nuts in the bottom drawer... Lame but oh so exciting ;)

  3. Oh and Im ignoring my freezer for a while yet!

  4. I know Sian! I felt that if I made my to-do list public I'd be more inclined to just do it instead of having a battle inside my head. These wee (or sometimes big)jobs don't take a huge amount of time or effort, but it's taking the first step to do it that's hard. :)


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