Thursday, November 15, 2012

Decluttering and Organising - Project 2

The hot drinks cupboard.
This one I've been putting off for around two years. This was a 10 minute job. What? I can't believe I look in here at least 3 times a day and didn't just take the time to sort it.

There was some completely random crap in there. A broken thermometer, some bread bag tags (?), a little bottle of perfume (??) and face paint crayons that I haven't seen since they were wedged up the back of the top shelf around 3 years ago.

Most of the stuff had to go back in and I migrated some other things from the adjacent cupboard, but all in all a success. Hurrah!

As a side note, my wonderful sister in law Paula made me these awesome "shoe" cupcakes for my birthday. She's not only a great sister in law, but a truly amazing friend. They were very yummy....all gone!

An update on the baby that's nearly one. She's a climber. First of my three to climb at such a young age. But wait, she's a genius too, will make steps by pushing toys around to achieve getting to her location of choice. Clever cookie.

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