Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pinot and the Pox

Seriously it's been a year since I blogged? Holy crap My goodness, yes it has.

I won't update you on a year of stay at home mothering of 3 children. I'm sure you can create a picture on that canvas for yourself.

Today, right at this moment, I'm enjoying a delightful glass of Dashwood 2010 Pinot Noir whilst No.2 child is miserable with chickenpox and I wait for No.3 to achieve same state of "i'd love to get a pen and join the dots on you just to see what shape it makes".  Although I'm sure she will be nowhere near as miserable as a male child can be;  yes she's younger but thankfully she's a female, so she'll rock the pox with a smile on her face for sure.

(Photo courtesy of because I'm so damned tired that I can't be bothered leaving here to go get the camera to take a shot of my own bottle and glass)


Cheers everyone! To the pox.


  1. Wow amazing to get a blog post. That is a great Pinot

    1. But what to blog about tomorrow? As Mum put it Wine and Whine, seems to be a daily occurence! :)

  2. Feel for you, xxx


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