Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shamelessly Optimistic

I'm an optimist. Every year I plant out our vegetable and herb gardens with visions of reaping abundant fruits of our labour. Most times it works, sometimes it doesn't. However, I always start the season with a smile on my face and a daydream in my head.

I've found a nice wee hot corner of the garden to grow my peppers and chilli plant.  My sister-in-law and bff Paula had great success with hers last Summer, so I'm keeping everything crossed. I just need to get the old man to extend the watering system to ensure that they get plenty to drink over summer.

I've also taken a chance and planted a passion fruit vine. I'm trying to keep postive about this one, but i'm not sure.

I've put my tomatoes in the raised garden around the back of the house in the hope that there will be no late frost. Traditionally, in the South Island of New Zealand you would wait until Labour weekend at the end of the month to plant out, but you see, i'm keeping that cup half full.

This year i've decided to try planting the tom's into a tomato bag filled with the correct soil and i've put them agains the warm sunny sheltered area on the veggie bed and staked them well. I'm hoping for some tasty sweet 100 for our salads.

My herbs have to be planted in a pot by the kitchen door as I'm out picking them most days for salads and cooking, so I know they will do well here.  There's another pot waiting for more herbs, this one has basil, coriander and chives. The other will be parsley, sage and....hmm...actually I haven't decided what the other is yet.

The weather has been lovely this week and the kids have played outside lots and are starting to brown up so we know that Summer is just around the corner.

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  1. Ooohh looking good. I am hoping to get my fingers into action in the next couple of days


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