Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bringing out the Scots in the Scot

In my quest to develop my skills as a Domestic Goddess (I am far from qualified yet!) and after the new batch of ginger beer was bottled, I had a notion for a soda scone with roasted cheese. Now if you're Scottish, you'll know what I mean. If you're not, then let me explain. I was brought up on toasted soda scones with melted cheese on them. It's kind of a comfort food and a bit like cheese on toast only better. As I can't just pop to the shops to buy some I hunted for a recipe and found one that was easy to follow here. The only problem I have with the site, and you can call me pedantic, is that they are described as "Scotch" soda scones. Now correct me if i'm wrong, Scotch is a drink....Scot'(s) is a person from Scotland? Agree? I digress, back to the scones. Here's a couple of pics;

Now, doesn't that look like the real thing? It was, only better. I thought of you Dad whilst enjoying, I know you'd approve :)


  1. Oh well done, they do look like the real thing, please come back to make the link work so we too can get the recipe. You know it's one of your Dad's favourite and it's good to fried on a Sunday morning with bacon and egg.

  2. Hey! I just followed your link from PW's site - glad to hear a fellow 'Kiwi' as addicted as I am to Ree! The soda scones look good by the way. Gotta love comfort food... now if I only had someone to cook for :-)

  3. Hello Stef! Nice blog! I was sent a delightful message from your lovely mam, which is wonderful as I get to read and connect with fellow expats. Will head off and read some more about your adventures, feel free to drop by our site too. Best wishes, Marrisa.


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