Thursday, January 7, 2010


Regular writing is hard to make a habit. I have a hard time making things a habit. That's a lie. I can make habits easily, usually bad ones.

I have a bad habit of;

Nagging Mr Stef, Miss E and myself when I procrastinate
Spending too much time procrastinating
Eating too much chocolate in one sitting
Leaving folded washing for ages before putting it away
Putting everyone else first, myself last
Making a mental to do list then forgetting what i've got to do

You see?

Here's the list of good habits I'd like to start;

Write more on my blog. Honest, from the heart blogging.
Bake fresh bread every day
Excercise regularly (less talking, more doing)
Write a to do list every day
Do what's on my to do list

So, new year, new habits. Anyone with me? Hello....? Okay, i'll make a start on my own then. Maybe. Tomorrow. The day after...

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  1. Some things never change, don't you hear my voice saying 'take that ironing down to your room'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, Love the idea of you being 12,000 miles away and still the same wee girl I had here.


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