Monday, January 18, 2010


My baby's still in bed. Awful night, more crying and temper tantrums. Who'd have thought that a little boy could make so much noise. I dreamed lots last night and I'm in a bit of a reflective mood today. In fact have been since hearing of the horrific events of Haiti from last week. I wonder why we need a tragic event like this to make us stop and take stock of the important things in life? I think it makes us realise how fragile our existence is. There are awful things going on in the world. War, poverty, disease. Natural disasters. Living in New Zealand I am very aware that a large magnitude quake could happen at any time. What can we do about it though? Nothing. Have plans for the worst case; store emergency supplies and discuss a plan of action. We don't know when something might happen. We go about our daily lives and have a small thought of our mortality every now and then.

Then something like Haiti happens and we stop and think a bit more. Get more pensive. Hug our children for slightly longer than normal. The human life is such a fragile thing. Piper Alpha disaster. Princess Diana. Tsunami on Boxing Day. September 11. Reports of countless war torn regions. Samoa Tsunami, which was almost too close to bear. And now the poor people of Haiti. Many things in my lifetime.

Unfortunately these events will continue to occur. We cannot do anything to stop them. But we can help; make a donation, volunteer, donate items. Please stop today and spare a thought for the people of Haiti. For those in War torn countries. For the poor, sick, diseased and those in extreme poverty in the world. Hug those you love, tell them how important they are. Think about what you can do to help someone in need. Small or big, every bit counts.


  1. Oh my, here I am sitting with steroid/chemo brain at 2.55am and up pops a photo I took probably a year ago today or yesterday (anyway the day before we left Kaiteriteri, tears are in my eyes). And, such a poignant and reflective post, we don't do enough for others and I am glad you think this way. That's my girl!!!!!!

  2. Just shows Stef, that we're all fragile and that although material things count in todays society, what really counts is our caring sharing attitude. Life carries on, there'll be more disaters, many worse than before. Just makes our time on earth more precious to love the ones we love, Time keeps ticking,hearts keep beating
    Uncle B

  3. So true. Every day is a gift.


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