Monday, January 11, 2010


Some people get the monday blues. Mr Stef did over the weekend. Back to work for him after over 2 weeks off. Bronchitis and 10 days of antibiotics meant his "holiday" was not the break he wanted. Poor him :(
7:07am. Back to work he went. YAY!! I get my house and my daily routine back. I'm happy. Not just happy that he's off to win the bread. I'm free. The clean freak has gone. I can get on with my domesticated bliss. I will do things only when I want to. He won't know I've gone out and left dishes on the worktop. That there are unswept crumbs on the floor. That a washing hasn't been put on and hung out. I'm FREE!! *waves arms*

8:36am. I miss him. He's gone. Off to win the bread. There's dishes on the worktop. Crumbs on the floor. The washing machine is looking very empty. We're all still in our pj's. Come back honey, all is forgiven.
I'm a lucky girl ;)


  1. Stef i have to say i really do feel the same as you. Hate it when they are off for the weekend as it interupts the routine but also hate it when they go back to work. Husbabds dont half give us the inspiration we sometimes need to clean. x Vicky

  2. I hate to admit it, too, but I do like when my husband goes off to work. I think I have become a control freak! I like things the way I like them. :)


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