Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Day

Here's a little peek (or a wee keek for the Scots) into my Thursday morning...

Rise from bed, get kids up, get kids breakfasted, have innumerable (a word?) conversations with Miss E and lots of smiles from Master L.

Eat my toast and have obligatory cup of coffee whilst getting kids lunchboxes ready for Nursery and Pre-school.

Get dressed, get kids dressed, wash faces, brush teeth, threaten Miss E with naughty spot if she doesn't start using her ears.

Prise Miss E from riding bike in garage and insert into car seat. Chase Master L around the garage and firmly insert him into the other seat.

Wander through house and realise I forgot what I was looking for.

Retrace steps back to garage to work out what I'm missing.

Miss E asks me if I found her shoes.

Wander through house trying to find Miss E's shoes.

Put shoes on Ella and get into car, reverse out driveway, off to Pre-school. It only started seven minutes ago.

Home, no kids. Nackered. Need another coffee. Have another blasted conversation in my head about resolutions. So... put on these.

I know, glutton for punishment. But you know what, good habits are hard to form, bad habits are easy. I'm trying hard to be good :o)

The run today was a hard one. I started off well then realised that my inner voice was trying to tell me something. I can hear you inner voice, what's that?

My Body: "I'm trying to digest breakfast, will you just slow down"

My Brain: "No, push through, no pain no gain!"

Okay, so I had this conversation on and off over the 1/2 hour run. I ran for a solid 15 mins or so then did the old stop, start to the end. I did it though, I continued and completed and even ran more than I walked. That's the third run of the week and I've been pretty consistent this year.

Rest of the day went like this...

Shower, cold drink, set up sewing machine, start the fabric coasters i've been procrastinating about for an age, phone calls x 2, tidy kitchen, pick up Master L, Supermarket, home to put Master L to bed, Make and consume lunch, browse Net, prepare dinner, tidy kitchen, hang washing, tidy bits and bobs away, get Master L from his cot, cuddles and cold drink for my boy, pick up Miss E, pick up milkshake for the latter as promised, get home, give kids afternoon tea, put dinner in oven, clean bathrooms, clean stovetop, stop to have a bit of playtime with kiddo's, clean cooker top, front of fridge, front of dishwasher, do dishes.

Garage door opens, Daddy home! Yay, now I can have a rest. :)

Set table, discuss with Miss E about importance of eating dinner and not speaking with mouth full, Master L refuses to eat, Miss E refuses to eat, I decide to eat, argue with Miss E a bit more about eating dinner, give Master L a banana and a yogurt for dinner (his time will come for dinner arguments), clear table, load dishwasher, run bath, wipe kitchen bench, get kids in bath, get kids out of bath, fetch bedtime clothing, sweep kitchen floor, try to catch the news headlines, get Leo into bed, get Ella into bed.

Postscript - Daddy contributed to at least 34.7% of the workload after his arrival. Everyone knows that girls can work harder and faster than boys.


What the....?

No noise. No questions. Nothing. Bliss.

Clock off time.

A whole lot of calories burned today, run excluded ;)

1 comment:

  1. Why no hoovering dusting washing the car
    or cutting the grass
    I can manage all that and more on my day off
    just ask MrT he's seen the to do lists left for me
    by your Auntie
    Uncle BoaB


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