Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a couple of birthdays

I've had a bit of a sabbatical from here. Nothing really, just haven't had much joy to talk about lately. Stresses of daily life and concern for mum have kept my body and mind too active to sit down and have some clarity to write properly. I am. Our beautiful little boy was one on the weekend. I spent most of my birthday (the day before) icing his birthday cake and preparing for a family pot luck dinner with the in-laws. I went all out this year and felt inspired by sis in law P to try something other than a round or square cake. I don't sing my own praises often, but this I was chuffed with. Princess E helped make the blue icing and lick the various implements clean; resulting in a suitably blue toned face. Isn't being a kid just great?
Happy days, happy babies, happy parents, happy home :)

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  1. WOW, now that is some cake. I am jealous, I never managed anything like that. You'll be taking orders next. Love You.


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