Monday, October 19, 2009

little ballerina

Today Miss E had a jazz dance medal test. I woke up this morning feeling nervous for her! I think its because i recall the nerves when i danced as a child. She however was very nonplused by the whole event. She got dressed without argument, had her hair done in french plaits and did all the things needed to get out of the house for 9am and we made it on time. There were three little girls performing a 1.5 minute dance to Barbie Girl by Aqua. Cousin A, Auntie and baby cousin arrived to cheer her on.

We had the rehersal yesterday when all three didn't perform at their best; mum's left with the sudden realisation that things could go very wrong on the day. Well, were we pleasantly surprised!! Everything went really well and the girls got presented with their Junior Jazz award medal.

We were lucky enough to see one of the other older girls do her tap routine afterwards. Miss E came home asking where her tap shoes were and she then did her own performance in the toy room and congratulated herself too. Very cute!
The girls checking their numbers.

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  1. Aint she cute, proper grown up. Butter wouldn't melt etc...........


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