Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm an organiser. I'm a planner. I'm probably also a control freak. But being organised and planning makes me happy and stress free. I'm not a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal; however any impromptu social gatherings I DO enjoy.

On Sunday we took Miss E and Master L swimming to QEII leisure pool. We went with some of our extended Kiwi family. It was supposed to be fun for both, but Master L screamed from the moment we got him into his togs until we took him out of them. Ella? She had a ball. We seem to breed kids who are uncertain and frightened of things that are unfamiliar to them. The plan? An induction to swimming in a less frightening quieter environment, out of school holidays!

When food shopping on Saturday I decided to invite my wonderful Sister-in-law P and her family around for tea on Sunday (first for quite a while). On the menu was a traditional end of the week roast with the works.

I'm a planner and an organiser, especially when it comes to meals. I can't just produce or start producing a meal last minute. Vege's were peeled and chopped before going swimming, potatoes par-boiled before 3pm and all waiting in the wings to transform into a delicious meal (fingers crossed!) Here's a peek.....

Good food, good company, good wine.....good kids? Yes they were perfectly well behaved :)

Here's a little look at how the rest of my family spend their time whilst i'm busy in the kitchen.

Won't be long until Master L is having his turn.

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