Saturday, October 17, 2009

a good deed

I often think about the movie Pay it Forward. I loved the film and the whole concept of giving a little joy to someone, recognised or not. Picture this...

Two little girls around 11 years old get to the supermarket checkout with their pick 'n mix sweeties. Once they are weighed the girls realise they are short by seventy cents and off they trot to "put some back". SO...?

I stepped in and gave them the fifty cents. A good deed done for the day and very polite kids who wouldn't stop thanking me. Yes, it made me feel good, but it probably made them feel better. It's not up there with the variety of good deeds done in the movie, but it's a start. I'd like to try and do a little more. Would you? Or have you recently? I think we could all do a bit more.


  1. Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely, Stef. Yes, I have done similar things in the past, but will think of some relevant things and get back to you. Must also try and do more - and my biggest one... be nicer to my own children, stop hurrying them along, and not shout when it isn't absolutely necessary! Perhaps I might also reap my own rewards with that one! x PS How's Leo?


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