Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just for me

I've been picking flowers. The sun is shining and my baby is asleep so i took a wander around the garden. I love seeing Spring in full swing. We will hopefully have more of where these came from in a few months.

A friend called to say that her grandfather died suddenly and she's heading off to her parents on a late evening flight. What is it with bad news at the moment?

I've got a head cold and have almost lost my voice. Master L slept through the night last night (hurrah!) so i'm feeling tired on a full night sleep. Will make the most of the peace and quiet and have a wee lie down i think. Mr Stef away with work overnight, so will probably need the energy for the tea time chaos later.

We're off to the hairdresser with Miss E later this afternoon after pre-school; she can only just see out from under her fringe. She went to pre-school today with hair swept back in plenty of clips and promise of a hairdresser visit later in the day.

Time to rest now.

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  1. I just love these anemones, and they were your great grandmother's favourite flowers. Speak to you at the weekend, sorry about your voice and friend's grandfather.


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