Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Got a call from Dad this morning to say that Mum came through her operation very well. At evening visiting she was sitting up and had enjoyed a sandwich and some of the wine gums (her favourite) that dad had brought her. I must say, I miss my family so much and the distance has never been felt so greatly as it is being felt now. However, I know that there are many many people looking after her both physically and emotionally and that brings me joy. We have a wonderful extended family (with some exceptions as i'm sure other families have) and Mum has a great circle of friends that I know have been rallying around her. She writes a journal which isn't the same as talking face to face, but it allows me to get a true sense of how she's feeling as she writes so openly.

Get well soon Mum, we love you so much. X

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  1. Oh my Stef, I feel your pain! The distance can be terrible, but its the lost physical connection I struggle with. I miss my parents terribly, and having their Grandchild here is also another terrible pain. I have just started reading your Mother's journel, amazing lady. Thiking of you all.


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