Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring has sprung

I've been out in the garden. Yes the washing needs hung, the dishwasher emptied and the washing folding, but I gardened. Not the boring old weeding and mowing, i leave that to Mr Stef who enjoys it. I like the fruitful kind of gardening.

So today, tomatoes were staked and planted. Sweet 100 and the Roma plum variety. My kids will pop the cherry tomatoes in their mouths and eat like they are sweeties, and the roma will be juicy and plump perfect for salads and sauces. I've planted 6, so hoping that i can look after them well enough and we get fruit from all. We had a huge crop of tamoatoes last year, but we lost so many as they were badly staked, so a more professional job this year! Fingers crossed there's no late frosts. After the tomato planting i took a tour of the garden and noticed this....

My first pea has popped! E will be pleased as she loved popping the pods and eating the peas raw last year. The strawberry patch is looking healthy with lots of new leafy green growth and the Nashi (asian pear) tree blossoms look lovely. On the trellis behind the Nashi tree are two variety of Raspberry, i'm looking forward to those too. The rest of our crops include, potatoes, beans, lettuce, blackcurrant, loganberry. To come are, courgette, cucumber, beetroot, tomato and others. It puts a smile on my face :)

So Hello Spring! I'm looking forward to Summer :)

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  1. Good for you, looks as though you will be having bumper crops.


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