Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Inspiration

Hi, just a little bit about why i'm here. Being a mum of two, i've been doing a bit of self reflection recently and this has culminated in me deciding that i need to find, at least, a moment of joy from each day. Of course, it's a wonderful thing being a mother, but those of you who can sympathise with me will admit that some days its difficult to find the joy. So! My blog is dedicated to the moments i find in my day that will allow me to reflect, take stock and be thankful that i'm able to be at home with my children and not feel overwhelmed by the challenge that lays in front of me. I've always been inspired by fellow bloggers, but never felt able to write openly about myself. But, i will try and hopefully succeed!

As a start, here's a little pic of my son and I. It's nice for me to see in pictures the love that i have for my kids and this is hopefully how they get to see me most of the time.

Ta ta for now and i hope to be able to blog daily, however i know the pressure of "saying" will hinder the "doing".

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  1. Welcome, great start. I find LJ easy but it's a personal thing and if this rocks your boat. Hav you read my journal recently, I have a nice quote on there about children.


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