Friday, September 11, 2009


Okay, i didn't think i'd find joy every day, and i've decided that i can actually just have a general moan instead.....ok, it's not that bad but i'm REALLY tired.

Went up to Palmerston North yesterday for a flying visit, Mr Stef was doing a leadership course and it was his graduation dinner. Anyway, i've realised i'm truly a lightweight now when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Okay, i didn't have a huge amount (4 glasses maybe?), but of course they start you on the wine before they have brought the food out! Long story short, bed at midnight and up around 6:15am, not bad considering the broken nights sleep i'm used to. However, the pillows on the bed were like bricks and you just don't sleep properly when away from home. So *sigh*, i'm tired.

Here's looking forward to tomorrow, goodnight everyone.

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