Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shopping and Baking

I spent yesterday morning at the Mall after dropping the kids at pre-school. It was great to wander around the shops with no-one pulling on my trouser leg or asking for this that and the next thing like money's no object (E!). I was choosing a gift for my sister-in-law, and thankfully also one of my closest friends. Fortunate to get exactly what I wanted I browsed the shops for and found these shoes on sale. I come from a family of women who like a bargain, so they were swiftly purchased; i won't tell you how much, but they were ridiculously cheap! Flat and comfy, just how I like them these days.

I was surprised to read on my mum's blog that she too had been shopping for a more worrying reason than my shopping expedition. Hoping to hear some news in the morning and wishing for the best news possible considering.

I love to bake when i get time. The aforementioned sister-in-law came around this afternoon with her mum and her mum's friend who were visiting. P always pulls a cake or two out of the hat for special occasions and birthdays, including my own, so thought to whip up a quick something to celebrate. This cake is soooooo easy and even more tasty, it's a staple bake for an afternoon tea. It was a lovely afternoon and thoroughly enjoyable to see Nana B again.

Here's to tomorrow's joy and Happy Birthday P. x

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