Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm back

Its been a busy couple of weeks. Been on a week long holiday with family and had a lovely time, but it took almost a week planning to get everything packed and organised to go on holiday. How does that happen? We had a lovely time and I'll do a seperate post on it when I get time to upload photo's.

Here's a quick update of what's been going on lately.

Organising - new filing trays for paperwork and a cork/white board combo for my to-do lists. I always keep them in my head and therefore ALWAYS feel overloaded with stuff to do. This way its out of my head and I feel less stressed. Phew.

Broken camera - we've had ours for a few years now and it's finally given up on us. I'm working on Music Man to invest in a new digital SLR when we travel home to Scotland. Nikon D70 is a preference.

Booked flights to Scotland - between packing and organising for holiday, this was the other thing that took up most of my time before we went away. Music Man's a procrastinator when it comes to spending cold hard $$, and I'm not as persistent as I need to be. I was that week though and we're (finally) booked to go home to see everyon on 7th Sept. I'll do another post on this too.

Bronchitis - After my trip to Queenstown and Wanaka I felt a little off colour. Trip to the doctor confirmed bronchitis. Eew! A week of amoxycillin, still no better and my lovely family and extended family had to put up with my hacking cough all week. Back to doc on Monday and stronger antibiotics this time. Its working, I can feel it.

Doctors - on the aforementioned trip to the docs, we had Master L's 15 month check up which included his vaccination catch ups, so my poor wee baby had to get 3 injections that day. Its my commitment as a parent to protect him and the wider community from the diseases that these vaccines are created for, but boy, it still hurts to watch your baby being assaulted by a nurse with needles. Poor boy.

Weather - Summer arrived this past fortnight, oh, just about 10 weeks late. Its been great, in the high 20's, but the Slip Slop Slap routine is not that romantic and protecting my babies skin (and mine) from the harsh New Zealand sun is a huge chore in itself. I've decided that 25 degrees celcius is my ideal temperature, when it hovers pre 30 degrees I get sloth like.

The usual routine this week. Pre-school run. Nightly wakings from both Master and Miss. Catch up with friends. Pop in on the in-laws. Emails and phone calls. On top of all the other obligatory chores like laundry, cooking, baking, folding, hoovering, wiping, cleaning, cuddling and the same all over again and again. I feel like I'm caught in the Bermuda Triangle some days and can't escape. Oh, wait, that's just being a stay at home parent.

So, after my post on my holiday, I'm afraid that there will be no more pictures for a while. Unless with brute force I can convince my camera to start working again.
Will my blog be boring without photo's?? Your comments please! I love colourful blogs with great writing and lots of pictures, but I don't want to look at mine in a few months and get disheartened and stop writing because I won't have a camera until September. I need to know that someone other than me will read all this rubbish I write, sans photograps. Mum, you're bound by family law to read this regardless, so, sorry you don't count. Call it unconditional love.


  1. Will read it faithfully, you knew that anyway. So glad the sun has finally arrived in NZ.

  2. your blog won't be boring without photos but you could try writing with your accent, because clearly you are writing with a Kiwi accent. Sorry I'm reading Gabaldon's books and Jamie's voice does my head in in a good way, the rest of him does the rest of me in but that my imagination. Try writing like Jamie - not that he is actually writing.

  3. hi Steff. I will still read your blog. Aaron has it linked to an RSS feed into my email so the box goes black when there are entries I have not read. Need to stay in the loop now i am back being a working girl.

  4. Oh my, I'm with you in the Bermuda triangle, the Aussie version though I hail from NZ originally. I've just read back through your blog and some of your days sound just like mine! Thanks for the giggles :)


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