Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've been busy, busy, busy....


Yes, its been one of those weeks already. Here's the stuff I haven't done.

1. Haven't paid the speeding fine I got travelling to our holiday home. There's something about Murchison (place) and me. Last year in the same town, travelling to the same place, I reversed Music Man's car into a parked 4 wheel drive. This year a cop with his blues and two's howling pulled me over for speeding in a 100kph zone. I'll tell you I was clocked at 113kph. I am sorry, truly sorry, but I was having a debate with Ella in the back seat. Just like the year before. Thankfully this year, Music Man and I didn't have to argue about it!!

2. Paid car insurance, i've still got another week to get onto that one. Can you see a common theme?

3. Organised a meal planner for the week, so we're just having a "what shall we pull out of the freezer today" week.

4. Tidied the computer desk.

5. Applied for Kiwi and UK passports for Master L.

6. Tidied out my car.

7. Cleaned my car.

8. Looked at places to go for a holiday in Scotland.

9. Ironed Music Man's shirts.

10. Cleaned out the fridge.

11. Blogged about our Holiday.

There are innumerable (word?) other things I haven't included above that are boring and mundane, but still need to be done.

On the upside I have achieved a few things this week.

1. Spoken to Mum and Sister on the phone.

2. Spoken to Emirates on the phone to do various bits like confirming seats, meals and accommodation for our trip.

3. Watered houseplants.

4. Had my sis-in-law over for lunch yesterday.

5. Did a load of washing.

6. Procrastinated.

7. Procrastinated some more.

8. Blogged on here, which is probably classed as procrastination too.

Well, the way I look at it, some weeks you win and achieve a helluva lot. Other weeks, it starts badly and you've just got to do as much damage limitation possible.

My damage limitation last night involved eating too many chocolate biscuits whilst folding a pile of washing and watching Greys Anatomy and Private Practice.

What? You didn't know I've got no self-control?

At least I can multi-task.

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