Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Numbers 1 and 7 from the previous post are now struck off the list. Can I get a "hell-yeah!"?

Here are some other events that require recognition.

Today = bad day. As in one of those Mummy days where you shout at your kids for doing kid stuff and then you feel guilty for shouting at them. Then you feel mad at them for feeling guilty for shouting at them, cos if they hadn't been awake between 1:30am and 4am then you wouldn't be feeling so god-damned crabbit and cranky to shout at them in the first place.

Cue tears at playgroup this morning. Thanks Auntie P-la-la (your new blog name) for the hug.

However, I can confirm that today is almost over and I've survived.

Music Man in Auckland overnight on business. Kids fed, bathed and in bed asleep before 7pm with no tears and mummy shouting. Cue *fanfare*

Today was a contradiction of emotions. Nothing a glass of fine red didn't sort out.

Now, where's my to-do list....?

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  1. It gets exhausting when hubby is out of town, doesn't it? My hubby will be late tonight (like 9 or 10) and I am already dreading it! :)


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