Saturday, March 13, 2010

Auld Davie

My Papa (Mum's Dad) passed away on Thu 11th March. It was his 84th birthday. For those of you that may not know, my family are all in Ayrshire in Scotland and I live in New Zealand with my husband and kids. I haven't felt the distance between my family and I as much as I do right at this moment.

I'd give anything to be with my family to help them mourn and join in their grief. But I can't be there. My kids need me and I need my kids right now. On Friday, I spent most of the day writing a little poem that I'm hoping will be able to be read at his funeral on Thursday.

A Tribute to Auld Davie

Shaking your false teeth, making gurning faces,
Grabbing my knee, tickling me in different places
You’d continue until I’d squeal in defeat,
Then stand me up and dance whilst I stood on your feet.

Sitting down to many Sunday dinners that Gran used to cook
You’d distract me and point out the window to “look!”
Then season my Sunday lunch with pepper, your favourite,
Get the meat on your plate, cos you knew that I hated it.

My Papa, My friend… A big torment!

Holidays, parties, family times, a lot to remember
As I write this my heart is like a burning ember
Funny songs, silly nicknames, Dirty Agnes was one,
I remember we used to have so much fun,
Planes, steam trains and pipe band music,
Playing on your keyboard, and teaching me how to use it.

Tales of the good old days and photographs to ponder,
I’d look into your face with a huge sense of wonder,
Sitting on your knee, never to old for a cuddle,
Then you got older and your mind started to get in a guddle.

You’d get confused with our names, never find the right one,
You reverted to calling everyone “Lass” or “Son”
Too many to remember I used to say,
You just continued to do it your way

Today I give thanks, for the time that we had.
My memories they simply make me so glad,
That I knew you, I love you and I’ll always have,
The best parts of you with me, here in my heart.

Goodbye Papa. xx

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