Thursday, September 6, 2012

A rough week...

It's been a bit of a tough week. Ella was vomiting on Sunday night with a raging fever and off school Monday and Tuesday. Leo was up on Tuesday night with a raging fever in the night and we played musical beds for most of the night. He's very off colour with temperatures and up and down in temperament too. Day off pre-school today. Cora been coughing all week and off her food a bit. Thankfully, still sleeping through the night.
So needless to say, I'm a bit buggered!
We've been negotiating and coercing our big girl to brave it out and pull the front tooth and wiggly number three, out by herself or by me, but to no avail.
Until last night.

An hour and ten minutes from bedtime at 7pm she finally yielded and started flicking it with her tongue, which progressed to touching with her finger, to finally pulling the damned thing out!  There was much begging and pleading from us as she has been coughing so much that you could see when she was breathing in, that tooth flicked back quite spectacularly. We thought that rather than having to visit A&E with her having aspirated a tooth, that we'd persevere and it worked.

The tooth fairy was very generous with lots of coins, a hand written letter and a little pot of bright pink nail polish.

She did write a wee disclaimer at the bottom to say that this was the first and last time she would be so generous...coins only in future!

I'm looking forward to next week in the hope that all the kids are well again and I feel more rested.


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