Saturday, September 1, 2012

the pleasure and curse of toys

I'm sure we're just like most other homes with young children, and we certainly don't spoil our kids, but I tell you, kids toys can be a curse sometimes!

Our kids are 6, 3 (almost 4) and 9 months old and in order are girl, boy, girl. This makes for interesting times in the house whereby the rules at the moment are;

Ella's toys....stored in her bedroom.

Leo's toys....split between bedroom and main living area where the cars with wooden garage/road/rail are kept. This is because both he and Ella play with them and nothing is too small or dangerous for little Cora.

Cora's toys...mostly in our second living area that we call the toy room, where you could say that hubby's toys are kept too; paino/trumpet/flugelhorn. Sheesh! 

This was this afternoon when I tried to start sorting Cora's things into one box. You know, to be honest she really doesn't play with that many things as she's so busy watching her brother and sister play.

I feel like we're at so many varied stages with toys that we never get to the point of putting one lot into storage permenantly.  I love that the kids have access to playthings that can be tidied up quite quickly and put in a corner of a room, but it seems like every room in the house is used for play and is constantly in need of tidying.

Please tell me i'm not the only one!


  1. So is that the new name or are you just trying it out? Cheers

    1. Trying it out, can change it to Stefsweetlife, but need to post about name change so followers will know where to find me.


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