Friday, August 24, 2012

My busy wee life

I've been gone a while, but it's quite busy keeping house and looking after a family of five.
We're all good here, and this wee munchkin keeps me pretty busy, but all in all she's such a happy wee soul. She's getting up to all kinds of mischief that 9 month olds do. I've got her in a couple of mornings of Nursery, just for a little "me" time and she's loving it.

The "me" time consists of quiet coffee with my book, or at a Pilates class which I really enjoy. The rest of my time is taken with wiping, cleaning, sorting, picking up, putting away. You know? The usual stuff that riddles the life of a mother.

I'm sure scenes like this are in homes everywhere on a regular basis.

I've been slack on the crafting too, but hoping now that the better weather is coming in I'll get more inspired.  I went to a craft fair last night with friends and bought this fabric. Having two girls, i'm sure I'll get to use it soon. Just have to finish three or four other projects that have been languishing around my sewing machine first.

I've been working on this baby quilt for my Sister who is having a baby girl in the next couple of months. Almost done, but not quite.

Hope to get on here a bit more and share some more joy with you all. There's been lots, just not a lot of time to share it.

Back soon!


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    1. Not before time...telling myself it's best to aim for once a week!


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