Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My day in pictures

1. A queue of folded washing waiting to be put away.
2. Homemade bread rising - lunch at home with friends
3. Nose wiping
4. The constant job of dishes
4. The finished baby quilt for sis, folded and ready to post
5. Playing cars
6. His favourite.


  1. Love the bread, also really like the background ribbon. Where id you find that?

    1. It's one of the backgrounds on blogger within the design function. There's lots of options and cool backgrounds there. x

  2. I love the fabric that you have used for your baby quilt! I'm using fabric from that same range at the quilting class that I go to with your mum :-)

    Your finished quilt is just beautiful. I hope that your sister and baby both love it xx


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