Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photography. A work in progress.

Hello, my name is Gerald.

I am the subject of todays photography lesson.

I am also a slave to Miss E.

She insists that I comfort her at her will.

I am a reluctant participant.

I have never been washed.

I know I look happy, but I want to escape from this prison.

This woman has kept me sitting in this position for hours and hours whilst she interrogates me.

I have no water, no food. I have been subjected to multiple shots of bright light in my face.

I have cramp in my right leg, yet she still will not let me move.
I dream of escape.
I've been practicing.
Okay, so the shots aren't very exciting, but at least Gerald the Giraffe doesn't move.
My children move way too much for me to perfect my aperture and shutter speed skills on them.
I promise more dynamic shots for next time.
For now, PLEASE, someone send help for this poor neglected animal!
p.s. for some reason my formatting on Blogger goes mad if I type content before I insert photographs. If anyone knows why, save my sanity, please, I'm a control freak!


  1. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh, Gerald. Know him well, I remember one day when he kept jumping off that table and Miss E could not understand what was happening, of course it was always when she was not looking.

  2. I too have the same issue with formatting my blog if text goes first. Even Aaron the IT guru can't do any better - he tried!!!


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