Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Project

I visited this little gem of a shop after a friend recommended it. Its a little haven of shabby chic and retro/ vintage stuff.

I bought this chair and intend to revamp it as a new stool for random use around the house. It will probably live in our music/ guest room as a softer seat to the alternative hard stool.

It's in pretty neat order.

It needs some new stoppers on the bottom.

The hot pink fluffy covering isn't to my taste so i'll probably replace with some vintage print oilcloth.

It's got a few specks of rust appearing on the legs, but my friend "Martha" who inspired me to find one of these stools has assured me that a steelo pad should bring it up bright.
Cost me $15 to purchase as is and probably another $40 to completely revamp it. I'll get the satisfaction of knowing I've done it myself.
Hope to update you in a couple of weeks with my "after" shots.
p.s I LOVE my new camera and taking pic's to share with you!! :)

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