Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My new friend

What do you do when you purchase a new camera? Well, I started with a self portrait. I'm just thankful my face sporting hormonal spots on my chin is hidden. This is a good thing.

Followed by a random shot of a native feijoa tree in our garden sporting its soon to be harvested fruit. Yuk, don't like them. Tastes like the smell of (huh?) germoline that mum used to put on our grazed knees. Fruit and that smell don't go together.

And a random shot of the tractor in the back garden.

Toy tractor of course, we live on a 700 sqm section.
I'm happy. Very happy. I can share my randomness with you again.


  1. mmmmmmmmm, Feijoas I love them, do the children like them? Like the camera nice clear pics.

  2. You are back! Yay for random photos, love it.

  3. cool tractor!!! Bailey would love this! xx Shell

  4. If you don't want your feijoa tree I will dig it out and take it away for you!!!!!


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