Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Woes of a Mother

You see this child?

Yes, this sweet, innocent child playing quietly with his toys.

This beautiful boy, my second child that I laboured and birthed in 2 and a half hours with no pain relief?

Well, don't be fooled.

This is what he did to me for weeks after his birth (I claim its payback for giving birth so easily). Reflux, just lovely. This went on for around 11 weeks until we got him onto the correct meds and baby rice.

He didn't sleep at night for 9 months. I then did controlled crying cold turkey. Call me a cold turkey if you will, but it worked. After 3 hours of perseverence, he slept. And has continued to do so. Until he decides he doesn't want to play that game any more.

Yes, he's wakeful when teething and sick, but any child is. That's what I tell myself when I've been awake for hours through the night and can't drag myself from my heavenly bed in the morning.

Yes, this child will be the end of me. Figuratively speaking of course, not litereally!

His new trick.....?

This is dummy number 4.
My darling 18 month old's response?
"Mama! Uh-oh...."
Uh-oh? Well my boy, you're onto the last one, cos they are $15 bucks a pair.
"Goodnight little man, sweet dreams. And DON"T chomp your dummy in half again!"
To top things off, visit to the docs today confirmed sudden onset of eczema all over his body (check rash on face in first pic), probably from the virus he had antibiotics for a week ago. Oh yes, and an ear infection in both ears. More antibiotics.
Lovely, just lovely.
My lovely boy :)

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